The Importance of Showing Gratitude in Addiction Recovery

Every day, write down 1-3 items for which you are grateful, such as people, places, events, and triumphs. Keeping thankfulness becomes a habit, and as a result, one’s state of mind becomes permanent.

why is gratitude important in recovery

Another study looked at the effects of gratitude in a group of nearly 300 participants, mostly college students, who were seeking counseling for various issues, mostly related to depression and anxiety. You can begin discussing your treatment needs with one of our addiction professionals. Following an initial evaluation, you’ll be able to start designing a personalized treatment plan that supports your recovery needs.

What does gratitude mean in addiction recovery?

When combining gratitude mindfulness, you create a strong foundation that helps keep your perspective on life balanced, present, and positive. Most researchers agree that gratitude positively impacts physical health. Studies indicate gratitude helps lower blood pressure, improve sleep, strengthen the immune system and is even linked to fewer signs of heart disease. In recovery, we are given the space to be grateful, but it still takes time to practice and train the mind to notice and cherish the beauty in life. We should be patient with our feelings while our minds recalibrate to those details that most deserve our appreciation and respect.

It also encourages them to share their observations with friends and family, sharing their good feelings. Such an activity is simple, yet one that many teens could easily get into, and is right where they spend so much of their time—on their devices. This is a common technique used in treatment and recovery programs that can be transitioned into a good habit moving forward in their lives. Eleanor Health is here to help you build your confidence and momentum towards the future you want.

Cycles of Change Recovery

Through group therapy, we encourage our clients to develop a sense of gratitude and begin to diffuse negative thoughts and behaviors. why is gratitude important in recovery Clients learn the importance of change and how they perceive the world and create a better attitude towards life.

What are 3 benefits of gratitude?

Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.

As you begin your recovery journey, keep an eye out for all the positive things you encounter each day — see each one as a gift! By practicing gratitude, you will slowly transform the way you look at life, as well as the people you interact with. These small instances of gratitude can amount to a bigger overall impact on your mental health. Our mission at Eleanor Health is to help people affected by addiction live amazing lives. We deliver whole-person, comprehensive care and are passionate about transforming the quality, delivery, and accessibility of addiction & mental health treatment. Our actions are rooted in respect for each member’s values, culture, and life experiences, and our commitment to their wellbeing is unwavering and without judgement. An attitude of gratitude can even help overcome addiction.

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