Fix Error Code 0x80d0000a in Windows 10

If you’re in that situation, you will actually have to do a fresh install of Windows 10 on your PC to go back. That being said, there are ways that you can revert Windows 11 back to Windows 10. In fact, the first method isn’t really that difficult. But it is only available if you have upgraded to Windows 11 within the last 10 days.

If it is, it means that there isn’t a proper configuration because of which you are facing this difficulty. Take a look at the solutions listed down below. Windows 11 will then confirm whether you actually want to remove the device, and you need to click “Yes” in the pop-up that appears on your next. You have learned how to unpair a Bluetooth device on Windows 11.

Before starting these steps, make sure you close all running apps on your computer. Failing to do so can cause problems when you’re uninstalling built-in apps. Now, just allow the installation file to do it’s thing. As with uninstallations, some programs will require confirmation of each step and others will do it for you. Follow whatever steps it asks you to to complete the installation process.

The Action Center in Windows 10 allows you to access quick settings and actionable app notifications. If you can’t find any drivers automatically, try using the manual method and install the drivers after downloading them from the manufacturer’s website. The Bluetooth category will completely vanish from the device manager. This means that the device was successfully uninstalled.

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This enables you to recover your personal data in case of loss. Click here to to set up and use the File History feature to automatically backup personal data files. Another option for reinstalling your graphics driver in Windows 10 is to let Windows do it. Once you’ve uninstalled your driver, reboot your system.

  • Nonetheless, the Redmond, Washington-based company is expected to roll it out by as early as October.
  • In the Notifications area, click the red TechSmith Snagit icon to open the Capture window on the screen.
  • This will immediately take a screenshot of your whole display .
  • However, if Windows 10 is locked, they will not work like the introductions in this passage.

This method is good, when you need to take multiple screenshots and need them organized as image files. If you want to quickly share the current state of your screen or window without editing, then it’s perfect. If this icon isn’t appearing, you may need to open the OneDrive app first and sign in to your account. After clicking on the Cloud icon, select Help & Settings, and click Settings on the pop-up menu. Next, click the Backup tab in the resulting pop-up window and check the box under Screenshots. Snip & Sketch is Microsoft’s newer version of its snipping utility.

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Even though multiple reset/reinstall options promise to preserve your data, unexpected problems can sometimes occur. And while you can reinstall your favorite software and redefine your application settings, personal photos and business files may be irreplaceable. Windows 10 should install without a hitch, but driver problems are a possibility and, during any system update, there’s always a chance something will go wrong.

This article is about how this source to install Bluetooth drivers in Windows 10 and how to fix Bluetooth errors if they occur in Windows 10. The biggest silver lining about Bluetooth vulnerabilities is that threat actors usually have to be in close proximity to exploit them. So, yes, deactivate your laptop’s Bluetooth when you’re on the go to keep threat actors at the mall, park, or public transport from attacking your computer. And keep a proactive antivirus for Windows up to date to protect your device and your data in the event someone does try to drop malware on your system.

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